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The tight end position has been going through an evolution of sorts in the recent years. A tight end has never been as dominant in the passing game as it has the last few years or so. Names like Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, Jimmy Smithm and yes, even Dennis Pitta have been part of a near-revolution, if you will, of the position.

That last name, in particular, carries the most weight with Baltimore Ravens fans. Pitta had a major impact on the 2013 squad that captured the Lombardi Trophy. He also had a – clear as day – rapport with quarterback Joe Flacco. Last season Pitta suffered a hip injury in preseason that kept him out the majority of the season and when he came back it was too little too late.

Heading into this offseason there is a very big question mark that looms about not only Dennis Pitta’s return to the roster but even Ed Dickson. As stated, you must have pass-catching tight end that can almost act like a slot receiver. Every quarterback needs one, especially Joe Flacco, who leans towards a vertical passing game.

I would expect the Ravens to hash out something with Pitta that would keep him in Baltimore but just in case you were wondering about other options, cover32 has you, well, covered (READ)


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