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The Seahawks’ brutal thrashing of the Giants on Sunday at the site of the next Superbowl is the type of win that boosts a team to the next level.

Playing early, in the cold, and on the east coast three time zones away, the Seahawks just smiled and administered a beat down on Eli Manning, Tom Coughlin and company. The Giants may have two rings but the last two seasons the Seahawks have been a far more serious contender, and they proved that on Sunday.

December is the month that matters in the league, and now that it’s arrived it’s time to roast some chestnuts.

Merry Christmas, NFL.

Just don’t expect any gifts. Not from us. Not unless our opponent is blocking your team’s path to the playoffs. Obviously pissed­ off from the last ­minute loss in San Francisco, the NFL’s premier defense left their Santa hats at home and violated Eli Manning in a manner fit for a prison drama on AMC.

Next up is the Arizona Cardinals, who still have a shot at a wild­ card and have won six of their last seven games. The Cards got an inspiring overtime win against the Titans last week and they play the Whiners in their last regular season game, which could end up being basically a playoff game. The Cards are on a roll and have something to fight for, but it’s time to clip those wings.

The Seahawk only need one more win to lock up the division, the number one seed in the NFC, ­­the whole meringue pie.

With the win to come this Sunday at the Clink, Russell Wilson will be setting a new record for most wins in a quarterback’s first two seasons. He had been tied with Ben Roethlisberger at 22 until the reaming in New Jersey. Also, Wilson will likely set a record as well for most touchdown passes in a quarterback’s first two seasons, behind Dan Marino (68) and Peyton Manning (52).

One last thing about number one seeds historically. They don’t seem to win Superbowls. Only a single one of them in the last eight seasons has won the Big Bowl. They tend to slack off the intensity and rest players and lose the momentum. This is not going to happen with this team, guaranteed. They are too motivated and too on point.

Once the Seahawks clip Arizona’s wings this wekeend they can decide whether to chill out against the Rams or send a message going into the playoffs, one that the entire league can hear.

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