Where Was Pryor While Underdog Redskins Dominated?

Washington Redskins Wide Receiver Terrelle Pryor. Featured image by Redskins.com

Well Redskins fans, we are off to a great start coming out of week 3 with a 2-1 record. There are plenty of reasons to be excited, especially after watching the Washington Redskins’ dominant performance in week 3 against a stout Oakland Raiders team who was 2-0 coming into this game. But if you thought I was going to write an article praising this team in week 3 as if we are headed to the Super Bowl, pump the brakes and take a seat on the reality couch.

Let’s do this backwards. How about that defense? There were so many bright spots to every position in this game. Breeland and Norman locked up Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree for a combined 2 receptions for 13 yards. The Redskins defensive line held Marshawn Lynch to just 18 yards. The Redskins defense holding the Raiders offense that is usually explosive to only 128 total yards is impressive. The best stat to look at in this game is this: the Raiders went 0-11 on 3rd downs. Yes, you read that correctly. That’s a pleasant surprise, especially for a team that has struggled for years with this stat line.

I will give credit where credit is due. Jay Gruden executed a fantastic game plan. He stuck to the run game which appeared on the first few plays of the game to possibly be inefficient. Gruden did a great job of mixing the plays when there have been times his play calls have been predictable. Kirk Cousins went from game manager to “pay the man” status connecting 25 out of 30 pass attempts for 365 yards and 3 scores. Chris Thompson caught 6 of those receptions for a whopping 150 yards and 2 scores. Vernon Davis was out there running routes and catching a score like he’s 22 years young. Jordan Reed who? Yes, I said it. Just like I said in my first article this year, cheerleading on the sidelines doesn’t help win ball games. Hey Redskins fans, there was a Josh Doctson sighting! In case you missed it, he was the guy who jumped up and snatched a Randy Moss type of catch for a 52-yard score. Settle down Redskins fans, that was his only reception in the game. I see your rekindled love for him on Twitter and it makes me cringe because it doesn’t take much for Redskins fans to be in their “feels” over a player from whom they expected success. For those who know me, I was the perfect example of “that” Redskins fan. But after this offseason, Redskins fans developed a relationship with a new addition who they felt was going to be “amazing y’all.”

From the workout videos that were posted everyday on Twitter by the man himself, to one-handed catches in practice that were videoed by fans, Terrelle Pryor has done nothing but create hype on a failed product thus far. Am I being harsh? Yes, I am. When the player sets himself up on social media to give a perception, he must follow through by making it a reality. You guys remember a former player who did this after a devastating knee injury? Not many cut him any slack. so I am not going to start doing so for Pryor. Yes, it’s only week 3 but with 10 total receptions for 116 yards in 3 games, he has done far less than “amazing y’all.” After 2 weeks, I wasn’t willing to jump the ledge on Pryor and I still hold out hope for him to have success, but I also will hold him to high expectations.  Particularly so when he’s quoted as saying, “My dominant season starts this week vs Oakland.” Well guess what “workout superstar?” A paltry 2 receptions for 19 yards doesn’t make me or most logical Redskins fans a believer and when Ryan Grant is having a better season. Pryor might want to keep his inspiration to himself. Sideline handshakes and dropped passes are unacceptable. This isn’t the Patty Cake League. This is the National Football League. He wants to be the best? He has to go out on the field and display it. Talk is cheap. So was his 1-year deal and as of now, he’s replaceable.

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