NFL Draft


As the world is undergoing an unprecedented, desperate phase, nothing else seems to matter to the people. Conversely, there are these groups that talk a lot about matters other than the issue at hand. Even when the NFL is offseason, conversations regarding the upcoming season, the players, and performances are all alive.

Several compelling storylines about the league are being generated every day now, with the selection of Jordan Love by the Packers being one of the surprising news. Rodgers has also been in the talks for the most obvious reason of him being the player who has been in Love’s position in the team for a long time. His future and views on the team’s decision are something that the fans are eagerly waiting to know about. Fact and fiction have been playing strange games for the past few months with several completely unbelievable reports transpiring into reality. Having a better clarity of all the plotlines in the NFL will help demarcate a distinct line between fiction and facts.


1.      2020 is Going to be the Final Year for Aaron Rodger as Packers’ Starter

Rodgers’ tenure with the Packers has been made expired a few times now through the reports. His career has had a fictional finish that he never thought of, and he has acknowledged the fact he is not going to leave the team this year. As per the speculations, Love is yet to gain his pro skills to take over. He is most likely to sit behind Rogers for two full years and learn the craft before he steps into the game in 2022.

2.      Steelers have Become a Super Bowl Contender with the Return of Ben Roethlisberger

Roethlisberger surely has the ability to upgrade the quarterback for the team, but that doesn’t mean Steelers can shoot up on the table to become one of AFC’s best teams. Defensive scores were the reason for at least three of their wins in the last season. No other strong force seems to accompany Ben in pushing the envelope to greater feats.



1.      Dak Prescott Puts on a New Uniform Next Year

The quarterback player will most probably go on to wear a new uniform in 2021 as the deals are being discussed behind the spotlight. Unless Prescott proves his worth in the upcoming season, Jerry Jones wouldn’t be convinced enough to keep him. There is a high chance for Dalton to take the place of the young quarterback to take over the game to bigger success.

2.      Bill O’Brien Wouldn’t Have to Wait for the Texans’ Bye Week to Get Fired

What many people were confused about was the truth behind the reports of Bill O’Brien getting fired before Texas’ bye week. It seems to be turning out into a fact, not a fiction. The games the Texans had against Kansas City, Baltimore, Steelers, and Minnesota were failures with a start being 0-4, which is probably one of the worst scores for the team. To add to the underperformance of the whole team was the offseason maneuvers of O’Brien, and this is has made his job quite precarious.