Sports betting has become very popular in Canada. Now it is easy to place a bet using a smartphone or other internet-enabled device. It is easy to deposit and withdraw money. These sites also make betting easy and the bets can be placed with the click of a button.

Sports Interaction

This site has a safe and secure process for placing a bet. There is even a $200 signup bonus for new players. Some sports bets can be placed here on all of the major sports. There are racebooks too. While a person is waiting for the big game to start they can check out the casino betting section or the poker room. This site has been in business for over 20 years. There is living betting and there is a wide range of sports to place a bet on. A person can bet on one event or they can bet on several. There are even live bets being accepted as a game is taking place. Promotions and bonuses are happening all the time making this a great site.

10 Bet Sports

This sportsbook has been in business since 2003. It first began in Europe and then expanded to the Canadian market. There is a $200 sign up bonus. The site has great living betting features. A player can see the odds before the game to help them with their betting decisions. There are some free promotional bets at the beginning of each season so that a player can test their skills. This site will allow a player to bet on overtime and all of the sports action as it is happening.

888 Sports

This is one of the longest-running companies when it comes to sports betting. The website is easy to use and there is 24/7 customer support if needed. There are great customer service and some great promotions. There is a $250 sign-on bonus for new customers. There are different betting options and many different sports to bet on. Some of the most popular sports on this site for betting is NHL hockey and CFL football. A person can place bets as they happen and they can place their bets live during the game.

Play Sports Betting

This is one of the newer sports betting sites online. This site is already getting a lot of attention and players are happy with the different betting options they can take part in. There is a $200 sign-on bonus. A player can check out the competitive odds on the sports in Canada. It is easy to place a bet, add money to a user account, and withdraw money from the account. When a person is waiting for their game they can try their luck at the casino. A person can bet on some of their favourite sports. They can bet on the NHL, NBA, and they can even place bets on the NFL games. Many sports are found on this betting site even some of the ones that are less popular when it comes to betting. Live sports are betting too. A player will get to see all of the options for their bet on the main page. This site runs smoothly and is easy for users to bet. With the touch of a button, a player can have their bet ready to go on the game.

Bet Warrior

This site will give new users a $300 sign-on bonus. While this is one of the newer online betting sites the Canadian people are enjoying it. The founders of this site have worked for major online gaming companies and have helped develop the Poker Stars site. This sports betting site will allow a person to place bets through their computer or mobile device. A player will be able to bet on the games live. There is a section where a person can find out all the data on the sports and the teams. This will help them make an informed wager. The process for placing a bet is simple and easy. There are different odds that a person can check out so they can look at the chances they have of winning and the potential payout. This site is one of the most liked by the players. There is customer support in the form of live chat and email. This will allow a player to have their questions answered promptly.

Spin Sports

This game is easy to use and the process for placing the bet is simple. There is a $200 sign-on bonus. Players that use this site often will enjoy some great promotions. This site was established in Europe and Australia before hitting the Canadian market. A player will have access to sports and games from around the world. There is a Microgaming platform that has won several awards in the gambling industry. This makes it easy to place the bets. The bets can be placed in real-time. This online betting platform is fully licensed and authorized by different gaming commissions across the world. The players in Canada are using a site that is trusted and respected. A player will be able to put their bets on the games as all of the action is happening. They can look at the odds before placing the bets. This site uses the most trusted payment methods to deposit and withdrawal money. This site will accept all major credit cards and has additional security measures so the players know that their bets will be safe.


When a person is looking to bet on their favourite sport they can head to any of these sports betting sites in Canada. These sites offer great sign-on bonuses and promotions. A player can put up their bet before the game and they can bet on live actions. If you are looking to join in the action then be sure to check out their current sign-up bonuses and their online casino counterparts for the best deals.  These sites are easy to use. Now a player can bet on their favourite sports in Canada without having to leave their home.

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