The Broncos win over the Patriots is an immediate candidate for one of the best games of the season.

The Denver defense came up with crucial stops when they had to and Brock Osweiler outdueled Tom Brady to get a win that could be very important later.

New England is undefeated, and have won six of the past eight contests against Denver. Can the Broncos find a way to knock off the Patriots on Sunday night?

Machine against machine. The Denver Broncos defence in 2015, arguably the best ever when we're done talking about it, faces the New England Patriots number...

We were expecting a critical AFC matchup between the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots when the schedule came out.

With the Patriots being a quick and high powered passing team, this will be the ultimate test for the Broncos secondary.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Cover 32 Broncos!

Are the Denver Broncos' offensive tackles to blame for the offensive woes?

It was announced on Monday that Brock Osweiler will start again in Week 12 at home against the New England Patriots as Peyton Manning is still rehabbing a foot injury. So what can we expect from him this week?

With Peyton Manning staying at home in Denver after suffering a plantar fasciitis tear in his foot, Brock Osweiler took the reins and managed to get the win.

How do you earn a win on the road with a quarterback getting his first start? Call a complete balanced offense with safe passes, easy runs and misdirection boot legs.

The Broncos defense may have bent at times but they found a way to make enough plays to close out the game and earn an important road victory.

This was not the best game for the Bears on Sunday against the Denver Broncos, as you will read in this week's recap. We...

The Broncos got contributions from a number of players and this team showed once again that they are capable of coming up with big plays at key times.