The Colts take a shot at the Chargers new logo

The Indianapolis Colts want no part of the Charger disaster of a new logo.
Jon Gruden

The price tag for Jon Gruden is too damn high

The offer is on the table to Jon Gruden to take over the Indianapolis Colts. But, the former Super Bowl winning coach is asking for too much.

The Jon Gruden rumors in Indy are heating up

Jim Irsay has been quiet since the Colts finished their disappointing 8-8 season. Could he be looking at Jon Gruden to step out of retirement and take over the Colts?

Debating the future status for the Colts

The Indianapolis Colts seem to be stuck in limbo. What are their options going forward?
T.Y. Hilton

Could T.Y. Hilton fall into line as the next Colts great?

T.Y. Hilton became the 4th Colts receiver to lead the league in receiving. The first since Reggie Wayne, what is in store next for the Ghost?

Where do the Colts sit with Peyton Manning?

Forget all these rumors swirling about with Peyton Manning and the Colts. Where does the GOAT sit with coming home to Indianapolis?
Indianapolis Colts

The 2016 Indianapolis Colts offensive MVP is….

The Indianapolis Colts 2016 offensive MVP is not who you would suspect.

The silent approach from Jim Irsay needs to stop

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay has been silent since the season ended. This approach is wrong on so many levels for the NFL owner.
Chuck Pagano

It’s official, Chuck Pagano has lost his damn mind

After Chuck Pagano's press conference today he has clearly lost his mind. Should his job be next?

What to watch for in the Colts last game of the season

On paper the Indianapolis Colts game amount to nothing. But for T.Y. Hilton and Robert Mathis, it means everything.
Andrew Luck

Why Andrew Luck is still playing this weekend

With nothing on the line this Sunday for the Colts, many wondered if Andrew Luck would start. Here is his reason for suiting up this weekend.

Colts nation must be patient with these Peyton Manning rumors

Rumors are spreading like wildfire that Peyton Manning could be coming "home". What would it take for the Colts to bring back their GOAT?

Colts injury report is a mess

The Colts will head into the final game of the season with only pride on the line. But who will be able to even play for the Colts?
Chuck Pagano

Chuck Pagano could be the next Marvin Lewis

The Indianapolis Colts are stuck in a black hole with Chuck Pagano. Who seems to be falling in line to become the next Marvin Lewis. That is not a good thing.