The losing streak is finally over. After seven weeks of soul crushing defeats, starting quarterback Tony Romo returned to lead the Dallas Cowboys to victory over the Miami Dolphins. With a short week before Thursday's game against the undefeated Carolina Panthers, there is little time to bask in the joy. So without further delay I give you my reasons why the Cowboys will beat the Panthers on Turkey Day.

The Dallas Cowboys not only enjoyed the win, but the fans.  After seven long, excruciating weeks the Cowboys put it together with Tony Romo leading the way.  Enjoy the tweets as much as the victory:

It’s a short week with a lot to get to but I needed to state one thing first: Man is great to have Romo back! It’s sucked without him; the lone silver lining here is that people who didn’t think much of Tony are realizing he wins games. TONY. ROMO. WINS. GAMES. OKAY?

The Cowboys win over the Miami Dolphins marked the return of Tony Romo, but it also marked another occasion, a return to the win column. I reviewed the game, the stats, and various comments through the media outlets and came up with five things we learned from the victory. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Dallas fans are ecstatic to have Tony Romo for the final stretch of the season especially after breaking the seven game losing streak with Sunday’s win over the Miami Dolphins. Now the Dallas Cowboys will have their yearly quick turnaround game on Thanksgiving Day. Kickoff is set for 4:30 p.m. (EST.) to face the 10-0 Carolina Panthers at AT&T stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Will this last game be remembered more for the day that Tony Romo came back to his fated team of 2015 or because the Cowboys got a running back from Seattle that actually did something positive on the field?

The Dallas Cowboys will be playing at 12:00 PM (Central Standard Time). The broadcast will be on Fox. It will also be on channel 711 for those that have the NFL Sunday Ticket.

The Dallas Cowboys will be playing the Carolina Panthers on Thursday, November 26, just like they always do for Thanksgiving. Just like they always do, they will host the campaign. This year, they will be apart of the NFL's "Color Rush" fun as they will be wearing essentially their 1994 alternate jersey, the "Double Star" and white pants.

He's baaaaack!!! That is what all of the internet is abuzz about particularly the Dallas Cowboy fans. There is more excitement over Tony Romo's return than the McDonald's McRib.

We all have them. Sometimes, it’s just not your day. Your clothes don’t match, your boss catches you checking your fantasy team, you drop your cell phone. It happens. We all have those days. But for the Dallas Cowboys, they’ve already had too many of them during the course of the season.

Ladies and gentlemen, the long dark night has ended. We are now in the dawn of the rest of the 2015 season. The Dallas Cowboys sit squarely behind the eight ball, and must come close to running the table to have any real shot at the playoffs this year.

The (2-7) Dallas Cowboys will face the (4-5) Miami Dolphins on Sunday at 12pm CT. Cowboys are coming off their seventh straight loss. However, with how terrible the NFC East division has become the Cowboys are only 2.5 games for first place in the loss column with seven games left to play.

The Dallas Cowboys are making moves upon moves in the last 24 hours that has this fan shaking his head!

Tony Romo may be the Cowboy's knight in shining armor, but he won't be able to lead them to victory alone