For a team that’s been pretty mediocre, the Cowboys sure have a lot of people who want to play for ‘em. Adrian Peterson, currently under contract with the Vikings, told Jerry Jones he wants to be a Cowboy. Since the Vikings aren’t exactly door mats, I’m sure Adrian has his reasons for jumping ship. Pro football players usually do.

I’m sure 90% of football fans saw the NFL’s 50th Super Bowl at Levi Stadium last night, and it wouldn’t be too much to ask for an avid fan to give someone a solid answer as to why the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers.

Despite the fact that the Dallas Cowboys had the season they have had, the writers at Cover32 Cowboys are putting in their guesses on who will win the Super Bowl between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.

Calvin Johnson could be done as the NFL's most exciting wide receiver of the past 9 years. Johnson was called Megatron because of his ability to look like something other than human with his size and speed combination.

From what I hear, there are husbands and wives out there who can't stand each other. But, because they know they need each other, they make it work. My sister's the biggest you-know-what in the world, but if she calls I'll be there. That's life. We don't always have to get along to work together.

Think back to the year 2012. I know it was only four years ago but some act like it was a decade ago. The Dallas Cowboys rolled into Fed Ex field, Week 17 with the NFC East division title on the line. Prior to this matchup Robert Griffin III lit up the Cowboys on Thanksgiving day.

Why is there so much hype about the Browns’ offensive line? What can be good about a 3-13 football team? Well, as rated by Pro...

I’ve never seen a team smile as much as the Cowboys. When the front office is sitting in a front office somewhere, they’re smiling. When they’re on the phone, they’re smiling.

The last time the Cowboys had an interior D-lineman produce well enough to earn Pro Bowl honors was three seasons ago when former defensive tackle Jason Hatcher recorded 11 sacks, forced 2 fumbles and defended 3 passes as the bright spot of a defense that allowed 415.3 yards per game – a franchise and third worst defensive ranking in NFL history.

It was learned today that beleaguered Cleveland Brown quarterback Johnny Manziel will be released in March. His off-season shenanigans haven't set well with new head coach Hue Jackson.

I’m not sure if I’m influenced by the Denver Broncos winning the AFC Championship, but I seem to be suggesting a lot of these positions as possibly best addressed during free agency.
Super Bowl commercials

One thing about Jerry Jones: the man thinks big. As long as he’s in town, the Dallas Cowboys will always be Big D, no matter what the record is. But Mr. Jones is under the media microscope, so he can’t always talk big the way he thinks big.

Almost a whole year to the day, fans and critics alike were talking about how the defensive line and their pass rush, or lack thereof, was one of the main reasons why the Dallas Cowboys didn’t make it to the Super Bowl in 2014.

When Troy Aikman talks, people listen. I know I do. But even he must have been surprised at the reaction to his RGIII/Johnny Manziel backup QB prediction.