Some people think the Philadelphia Eagles need to release DeMarco Murray and move on. This is not a very smart idea at all.

Remembering that one time when Princess Diana was seen in England wearing the old Philadelphia Eagles silver and green jacket.

Vinny Curry just signed a new contract that will keep him with the Philadelphia Eagles for a long time to come. Watch his career highlights here.

Malcolm Jenkins was the Philadelphia Eagles' MVP for the 2015 season. On ESPN yesterday he took some shots at former head coach Chip Kelly.

According to ESPN insider Adam Schefter, the Eagles and Fletcher Cox are far a part on a new deal. Can they even afford to keep him?

The Philadelphia Eagles have abandoned their fake search for a personnel chief and are admitting that Howie Roseman is the man in charge.

Who will the Philadelphia Eagles select with their number 13 overall pick? Let's take a look at the latest mock drafts, which show five candidates.

The contracts of Byron Maxwell and DeMarco Murray are absolutely killing the Philadelphia Eagles on the field and in the salary cap.

One local sportswriter thinks the Philadelphia Eagles should save some money by trading Darren Sproles. Here's why he is wrong.

A smoking hot Philadelphia Eagles fan named Meg sent out a welcome message for new head coach Doug Pederson on Twitter last week.

If not for the lockout in 2011, the Philadelphia Eagles could have traded up and drafted Patrick Peterson. That's not even the worst of it, though.

Should the Philadelphia Eagles re-sign Sam Bradford? Should they draft a new quarterback? They are in one hell of a pickle either way.

The Philadelphia Eagles may be interested in drafting Rob Gronkowski's little brother Glenn. They met with him and several others at the Senior Bowl.

The Philadelphia Eagles fired Chip Kelly but they aren't getting rid of all his ideas. For instance, the sports science program is staying.