Oakland Raiders Roundup: Your chance to ensure you didn't miss any Raiders news this week.

Forecast Friday, where I look at and debunk offseason predictions for the Oakland Raiders.

Continuing with our series of Raiders origin stories, Amy Contizano shares how her love life led to a love of the Raiders for life.

Many are skeptical of Raiders draft pick Jihad Ward, but this analyst thinks he compares to a couple of players who would completely justify the pick.

The Oakland Raiders didn't upgrade the middle linebacker position despite the need and now, it could be handled by a committee.

We continue with the cover32 Raiders staff origin stories of how we all became fans. This time, Cierra Webb's tale of a family affair.
Free agent outside linebacker is going against Vikings' running back Adrian Peterson.

When a video appeared to show Aldon Smith smoking a blunt, Raider Nation went to action to prove, or disprove it's validity.

Will the Oakland Raiders see their passing game take the next step towards greatness or a step back?

The Oakland Raiders are ready to get back into the swing of things, so much so that at least one player reported to camp early.

There seems to be a lot of hype over the Oakland Raiders for 2016; on both sides of the ball. I am only looking...

Sean Smith will obviously make the defense better, but here is how he also makes the offense better.

Time for another Raiders Roundup where you can catch up on the top stories from around the internet before training camp starts!

Raiders Mailbag where you ask me anything you want about the Oakland Raiders and I will offer my opinion.

Taking a look at how staff writer Terrance Biggs became a fan of the Raiders.