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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12)

Three Keys to An Oakland Raiders Victory

The Oakland Raiders can jump back into the layoff hunt with a victory on Sunday.
Oakland Raiders wide receiver Amari Cooper

Raiders WR Cooper’s Red Zone Struggles

The Oakland Raiders need Amari Cooper to raise his game in the red zone.
Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr

Role Model: Raiders QB Carr Motors Along

Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr rises above negativity.
Oakland Raiders

AFC West Overview: Raiders Still In The Hunt

The Oakland Raiders are still mathematically alive in the very odd AFC West.
Los Angeles Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa

AFC Town Hall: Raiders, Bengals, Chargers, and Jets

In the AFC, the only known is the unknown.
Raiders quarterback Derek Carr

Week 10 AFC Playoff Picture: Oakland Maintains Hope

The Oakland Raiders need to keep winning, in order to avoid missing the playoffs.
Oakland Raiders

Opinion: NFL Steals Home Game From Fans

The NFL took an Oakland Raiders home game away from a fanbase on the verge of losing their team.
Oakland Raiders wide receiver Johnny Holton

Oakland Raiders Keep/Discard: Bye Week

The Oakland Raiders begin the final push in the last seven weeks of the season. Whether they stick to what works for them remains a mystery.
Oakland Raiders outside linebacker Khalil Mack (52)

Opinion: Deep Issues With the Patriots

The Oakland Raiders fanbase harbor ill feelings toward the New England Patriots
Tom Brady

Tom Brady vs. Oakland: Career Summary

Outside of the division rivals, there are a few teams that starts the Raiders fan base going and excited to play against. A team...
Raiders defensive end Jihad Ward

Cover32Raiders Roundtable: Bye Week, Part One

The Cover32 Raiders staff tackles three issues pertaining to the Oakland Raiders
Oakland Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio

How Raiders HC Del Rio Could Learn From New England

The Raiders, specifically Jack Del Rio could learn from Bill Belichick.
Oakland Raiders defensive end Khalil Mack

Oakland Raiders Current Stats

Broken down in the simplest of terms, there’s only one number Oakland Raiders General Manager Reggie McKenzie is keen for. “Obviously, you would to be...
Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia

Raiders Coordinators Face Dynamic Opponent

The Oakland Raiders' coordinators need to have the game of their lives in Mexico.