Sean McVay Head Coach, Los Angeles Rams

From D.C. to L.A. Thoughts on new Rams HC Sean McVay

Washington Redskins writer for Cover32 Leonard Kirby weighs in on new Rams head coach Sean McVay, as do those "in the know" in D.C.
Sean McVay Head Coach, Los Angeles Rams

Sean McVay the first step in ridding a toxic culture in L.A.

Words like "toxic" & "dysfunction" would describe the Rams long before "winning". New head coach Sean McVay will tasked with flipping that culture.
Sean McVay Head Coach, Los Angeles Rams

Rams smart to turn the page to McVay and a better day

In hiring Sean McVay as head coach, the Los Angeles Rams and COO Kevin Demoff may have finally gotten the right guy, at the right time.
Jared Goff QB, Los Angeles Rams

Jared Goff making news in the offseason, plus Rams notes

Rams QB Jared Goff ranks last according to NFL.com. Also, TV ratings are off in Los Angeles, and the Chargers may be headed north.
Kevin Demoff and Stan Kroenke, Los Angeles Rams

Kevin Demoff wrong about Rams; they are a rebuild.

Kevin Demoff gets it wrong when he said the Los Angeles Rams aren't “a rebuild.” They are. He's also tasked to fix problems that run deep in L.A.
Jared Goff QB, Los Angeles Rams

Rams go quietly into the L.A. night and lose finale 44-6

The Arizona Cardinals laid the wood to the Los Angeles Rams, beating them soundly, as so many have 44-6 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.
Jared Goff QB. Los Angeles Rams

Rams can offer no moral victories, but a win will do just fine.

If the Rams are hoping to extrapolate a “moral victory” tomorrow in their final game of a disastrous NFL season, then their flaws run much more deep.
Los Angeles Rams

How Rams play on Sunday will say a lot about 2016

The Rams have an opportunity to close out the 2016 season on a high note. Can they find some motivation and finally manage a win?
Los Angeles Rams

As status quo goes, Rams 2017 could look like 2016

The list of road and home opponents for the Rams 2017 season is out, and from the early looks of it, some familiar challenges look to duplicate next year.
Case Keenum QB, Los Angeles Rams

Case Keenum sees dismal season coming to an end

Case Keenum made sense when the 2016 NFL season started. But after the Jets game, he'd give way to rookie Jared Goff, and never start again.
Los Angeles Rams

L.A. Rams should be a marque job, but is it really?

In Los Angeles, the Rams are on the verge of a massive rebuild. But is this team really an attractive destination for an NFL head coach?
Jared Goff QB, Los Angeles Rams

Jared Goff needs a win to salvage this lost year

Jared Goff needs a win on Sunday to avoid posting a big doughnut as the Rams starting quarterback. Can he get his first on Sunday in the finale in L.A?
Jared goff QB, Los Angeles Rams

Rams keep losing as 49ers deal latest blow in L.A.

It's either unimaginable, or extremely logical that the Los Angeles Rams managed to lose their most winnable game to date.
Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders

Rams host the 49ers: Odds and Prediction

Inside the numbers for two teams going nowhere fast this season. Can the Los Angeles Rams avenge a shutout loss in San Francisco on Saturday?