Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell WIlson is being subjected to some ridiculous criticism this year. Here's three of the worst claims.

Tyler Lockett and Thomas Rawls are bawling for Seattle. Here's two stats on the Seahawks rookies that will blow your mind.

A green beret survived a bullet to a head thanks to his helmet, which happened to have a Seahawks logo painted on it.

It's possible that Marshawn Lynch's body is finally starting to break down on him after carrying such a heavy load over the last several seasons.

Thanks to Sunday's cruising win over the team formerly known as the San Francisco 49ers, the Seahawks are back to .500 and are in a position to make another late-season push.

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly took a subtle shot at Seahawks star Russell Wilson's claim that his recovery water helped prevent a concussion.

Over the bye week Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson went to Mexico with Ciara and they took some incredibly sexy photos together.

A McDonalds employee in Dallas got an incredible tip from Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch after he complimented his shoes.

Three grades for the Seattle Seahawks special teams unit at the mid-way point of the regular season.

2005 was a landmark year for Shaun Alexander. He ran for 1,880 yards, averaged five yards per carry, and most incredibly, scored 28 touchdowns from scrimmage.

Seattle's defense is ranked near the top of the NFL for a number of reasons, but it all starts with the excellence up front.

Lockette's neck surgery was a success and he's walking around. Yesterday the team flew him back to Seattle on a private jet, but before he left Dallas Lockette and his family did something truly amazing.

The harsh lesson of Super Bowl 49 was that no amount of talent in the world can save you from bad coaching, and the problems for the Seahawks offense start at the top.

Ricardo Lockette's surgery was successful and he's out and about already. Yesterday Paul Allen and the Seahawks sent a private jet to bring him back home to Seattle.