Braxton Miller

Braxton Miller is the type of versatile playmaker that can make Texans fans forget about the infamous "Wattcat" play.
Texans UDFA's Joel Heath

Today we continue to look at Houston's UDFA's. Hopefully one or two of these guys will stick with the team.
defensive end Christian Covington

The defensive end position was not amongst those chosen by Houston in the draft. That leaves the Texans with several players who will likely end up in a rotation.
Texans UDFA's

Houston signed 16 players after the draft. Here's a look at some of the Texans UDFA's.
D.J. Reader

Houston finished off their 2016 draft by selecting Clemson nose tackle D.J. Reader. Reader is full of potential that will hopefully be realized in a Texans uniform.
K.J. Dillon

Houston added some secondary depth by picking WVU safety K.J. Dillon in round four. Dillon is a ball hawk who will make his presence felt before the season is done.
Tyler Ervin

With their fourth round pick, Houston has selected San Jose State's Tyler Ervin. With this pick, Houston has added even more speed to the offense.
Texans top picks

After three rounds, let's take a closer look at the Texans top picks.
Braxton Miller

Houston selected Braxton Miller with their third pick. A bit of a surprise, but a really good selection.
Braxton Miller

In a surprising move, Houston selected another wide receiver. The versatile Braxton Miller of Ohio State.
Nick Martin

Check out some tweet reactions and thoughts on the selection of Nick Martin.
Notre Dame's Nick Martin

Houston has just solved their center problem by selecting Notre Dame center Nick Martin in round two.
Will Fuller

The reactions of Houston's Will Fuller pick are varied. Many experts are on board, but fans not so much.

Upon reading comment sections, it's easy to see that Texans fans have mixed feelings on the Fuller pick. I do also, but I'm willing to give him a chance.