After Lambeau loss, Houston defends division lead in Indy

The Houston Texans played a decent game in Green Bay on Lambeau field. Decent simply did not cut it enough to earn them a...

Brock Osweiler can only blame himself for his poor performance

Brock Osweiler for the Houston Texans has had multiple opportunities to prove himself this season and simply hasn't. Nobody is to blame for Brock's...

Whats wrong with DeAndre Hopkins this year?

Starting this season, many people had DeAndre Hopkins listed as one of the most dangerous targets. He came out and looked to have backed...

Osweiler looking to kick a cold streak in Mexico City

The NFL returns to Mexico City this Monday, making it the first game there since 2005. This game is going to bring a lot...
Oct 30, 2016; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler (17) throws during the first quarter against the Detroit Lions at NRG Stadium.

Know Your Opponent: Houston Texans

Jacksonville will host the Houston Texans in Week 10.

Tennessee’s First Divisional Matchup

Sunday marks Tennessee's first divisional matchup. Recently, the Titans have had an abhorrent record within the division. They've only won two games in the AFC...

Texans looking for redemption against the Kansas City Chiefs

The Texans will host the Kansas City Chiefs in week two and look to settle the score after being beat by the Chiefs in the playoffs last season.

Texans win in week one while the rest of AFC South lost

The Houston Texans were able to beat the Chicago Bears in week one and now get ready to seek revenge against the Kansas City Chiefs in week two.

Texans take over in the second half for a week one win against the...

After starting the game with an interception thrown by Brock Osweiler, the Houston Texans were able to take over in the second half in order to get a week one win.

Week one preview for the Texans vs. the Bears

Week one could be the perfect opportunity for Jadeveon Clowney to gain momentum that could give him a new reputation.

Texans: Youth at wide receiver not a problem

While some critics are skeptical about the youth at receiver for the Houston Texans, our writer believes everything will be just fine...

Week one could be a bigger fight than the Texans are expecting

The Houston Texans could have a hard time up front on offense due to several injuries on the offensive line.

Tom Savage wins backup quarterback role in Houston

Head coach Bill O'Brien and the Houston Texans have given the backup quarterback role to Tom Savage after the work and effort he has put into coming back from last seasons injury.

Brock Osweiler in command of the Texans offense

The Houston Texans have been impressed with the progress Brock Osweiler has made since joining the team last March. Head coach Bill O'Brien is excited about the leadership and command Osweiler has taken over the Texans offense.