The need to compete isn’t something new to the New England Patriots. The leader of the pack, Tom Brady shows his competitive nature both on and off the field. Remember his ping pong match against Danny Amendola during which Brady allegedly broke his ping pong paddle?


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During training camp, Brady has been seen yelling from the sidelines like it was game day. Up and down the field he can be seen whether it’s chasing fellow teammates down in joy for a good catch or getting offense in line. Brady never stands down.

Here are what some teammates had to say: Tight end Rob Gronkowski said, “It’s a lot of fun. It’s every day, he comes out, he competes every single day. Everybody chirping at each other just makes the game fun and makes it special, too.”

Wide receiver Chris Hogan said, “Oh man, it’s contagious — him out here, really just everyone out here being so excited. It’s really practice for us; we’re out here competing every single day.”

Wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell said, “But practice here is like the game and I love every bit of it. Every time you come out here, it’s game day. That’s how I feel when I suit up and put on this uniform.”

It looks like Tom Brady’s competing attitude is contagious and rubbing off on all the new teammates. Training his teammates to act like every practice is a game helps the players get in a game day mindset. Brady is instilling even the youngest of players with the New England way of life.

Being a New England Patriots’ player is more than just putting on a uniform. Even though Tom Brady won’t be allowed near the team during his four game suspension, you can bet he will find a way to make an impact.

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