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There is no single moment in the history of NFL that can be regarded as the best ever as the players have done it again and again. Every team has made its mark at some point in history, and this list will cover the best memories of the teams so you can relive those moments.

Arizona Cardinals (2008 NFC championship game)

Arizona Cardinals

Cardinals played one of the greatest games in 2008 against Philadelphia in the NFC championship game. Kurt Warner throws four touchdowns, three to Larry Fitzgerald, who also caught nice passes for 152 yards. Tim Hightower’s 8-yard TD pass made all the difference with only 2:53 minutes left. In that match, Arizona Cardinals won 32-25 in that match.

Atlanta Falcons (1998 NFC championship game)

Atlanta reached super bowl twice. First time when they reached there, the score was 30-27 at overtime. That was the NFC title of the game in 1998 season against Minnesota. Atlanta was 20-7 down and forced overtime with Terance Mathis’s 16-yard touchdown catch with 49 seconds left in the last quarter. Morten Anderson played one of his best games with a 39-yard field goal that won Falcons the game.

Baltimore Ravens (Super Bowl 47)

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens second Super Bowl feature was an invitation for the rivalry between them and sibling rivalry. John Harbaugh met brother Jim and the San Francisco 49ers for the 2012 campaign. The game even featured a power outage at New Orleans’ Superdome. When the lights came back, the Ravens pulled off a win over San Francisco with 34-31 victory.

Buffalo Bills (1992 AFC wild-card playoff)

Buffalo Bills played at four Super Bowls in the early 1990s. It was the most memorable period for Buffalo in their entire history and one match during this period changed everything in the game. Buffalo trailed Houston Oilers by 35-3 till the early third quarter of the playoff. But with the end of the third quarter, Buffalo Bills mounted a comeback with 28 points. The final score was 41-38 in favour of Buffalo Bills.

Carolina Panthers (2003 NFC divisional playoff)

NFC divisional playoff

The Panthers were short of a Super Bowl title in 2003, but an 11-5 special run in the match was arguably the best game played in franchise history. Panthers blew 11 points in the fourth quarter to have a lead on St. Louis. The game went for two overtimes until Carolina prevailed with Jake Delhomme and Steve Smith hooking up on a 60-yeard touchdown for a 29-23 win.

Cincinnati Bengals (1981 AFC Championship Game)

Bengals created history in 1982 by winning their first-ever playoff game. They reached straight to Super Bowl during that campaign. Cincinnati Bengals secured a sport in Super Bowl 16 with a 27-7 home win on San Diego.

If you have watched the videos of freestyle footballers and been amazed seeing them playing with the ball like it is a part of them, you can do it too. All you need is some patience and a lot of practice. Becoming a freestyle footballer may seem difficult at first as you keep learning the basics, the easier it will be for you to learn new tricks.

Achieve the patience level

Freestyle football

You will be practising the same trick again and again unless you can do it without the stress of performing. It will not be easy to keep your mind focused on all the pressure of improving and other things. You can achieve a level of patience only with meditation. Yoga is helpful in gaining a level of calm and a flexible body that is required of a freestyle footballer.

Learn three tricks at a time

It may seem like a randomly selected number, but your mind will be able to adjust better in learning three tricks at a time as compared to any more. If you learn only one or two tricks, you will only take longer to master more tricks. So, three is the right number of tricks that you can start practising. You need to practice all your tricks for at least a month until you master it. Once you start feeling confident with any of the tricks, you can replace them with a new trick while keeping the total tricks count as three.

Take our a little air from your ball



Learning to juggle can be made easier if you take out a little air from the ball until it is not too bouncy and can rest a bit on your feet. If the ball has too much air, it will bounce too high with a simple touch making it difficult for you to control it. Juggling will start training your legs to control their speed. This should be your routine for at least one hour a day for a month. Soon you will be an expert in juggling and will be able to do 100 keep-ups without breaking a sweat.

Start learning basic freestyle tricks

Once you are confident with juggling, you can start learning the basic freestyle tricks such as stalling, around the world, neck stall, and balancing the ball on your head. Stalling is one of the basic tricks that you will learn in the beginning, which will initiate many other tricks. Neck stall starts with stalling and then lifting and pushing the ball in the air to catch it at the back of your head. Once you learn all the tricks individually, you can start looking for ways to use them together while keeping the ball off the ground.

As the world is undergoing an unprecedented, desperate phase, nothing else seems to matter to the people. Conversely, there are these groups that talk a lot about matters other than the issue at hand. Even when the NFL is offseason, conversations regarding the upcoming season, the players, and performances are all alive.

Several compelling storylines about the league are being generated every day now, with the selection of Jordan Love by the Packers being one of the surprising news. Rodgers has also been in the talks for the most obvious reason of him being the player who has been in Love’s position in the team for a long time. His future and views on the team’s decision are something that the fans are eagerly waiting to know about. Fact and fiction have been playing strange games for the past few months with several completely unbelievable reports transpiring into reality. Having a better clarity of all the plotlines in the NFL will help demarcate a distinct line between fiction and facts.


1.      2020 is Going to be the Final Year for Aaron Rodger as Packers’ Starter

Rodgers’ tenure with the Packers has been made expired a few times now through the reports. His career has had a fictional finish that he never thought of, and he has acknowledged the fact he is not going to leave the team this year. As per the speculations, Love is yet to gain his pro skills to take over. He is most likely to sit behind Rogers for two full years and learn the craft before he steps into the game in 2022.

2.      Steelers have Become a Super Bowl Contender with the Return of Ben Roethlisberger

Roethlisberger surely has the ability to upgrade the quarterback for the team, but that doesn’t mean Steelers can shoot up on the table to become one of AFC’s best teams. Defensive scores were the reason for at least three of their wins in the last season. No other strong force seems to accompany Ben in pushing the envelope to greater feats.



1.      Dak Prescott Puts on a New Uniform Next Year

The quarterback player will most probably go on to wear a new uniform in 2021 as the deals are being discussed behind the spotlight. Unless Prescott proves his worth in the upcoming season, Jerry Jones wouldn’t be convinced enough to keep him. There is a high chance for Dalton to take the place of the young quarterback to take over the game to bigger success.

2.      Bill O’Brien Wouldn’t Have to Wait for the Texans’ Bye Week to Get Fired

What many people were confused about was the truth behind the reports of Bill O’Brien getting fired before Texas’ bye week. It seems to be turning out into a fact, not a fiction. The games the Texans had against Kansas City, Baltimore, Steelers, and Minnesota were failures with a start being 0-4, which is probably one of the worst scores for the team. To add to the underperformance of the whole team was the offseason maneuvers of O’Brien, and this is has made his job quite precarious.

NFL seasons come and go, but fans have those favorite moments etched onto their wall of memories. Nothing about the league fades away completely before the next season hits. As every winning team basks in glory, so does the fans by eagerly biding their time for the arrival of the new season. Several weeks have passed since the 2020 NFL Draft, and it is now time to have a visit into the annual event to have an understanding of who is going to make a bigger impact this time. Rookies who are about to leave a mark the coming season is a hot topic for the ardent fans of the sport. Cincinnati Bengals have Joe Burrow as a quarterback to make for the best rookie on the offensive side. Here is a list of the rookies who are set to make a major impact in 2020.

1.      Chase Young, EDGE, Washington Redskins

The former Ohio State star No.2, Chase Young, has found his way into the Skins, hopefully for good. His former teammate Nick Bosa who was also the holder of the title ‘NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year,’ stands no great chance against Chase. Young is looked upon by all the fans a better professional prospect for the coming season since he is entering the team with a record of 35.5 tackles for loss and 27 sacks over the last two seasons. A 10-plus sack rookie is expected of Young since he has started training under Ron Rivera, the defensive-minded head coach of Redskins.

2.      Patrick Queen, Linebacker, Baltimore Ravens


The 28th pick of the 2020 NFL Draft made Patrick sign up for the Ravens. He comes with an excellent track record of having a stellar performance in the College Football Playoff. Queen, the stud linebacker, was also the man behind taking the former LSU team to success. The free-agent departure of C.J Mosley had brought down Baltimore by a certain extent, but they don’t intend to give up any time soon as Queen is here to stay and take the team higher. Pass coverage against tight ends is the special zone where Patrick will work his wonders to make for a tremendous rookie season.

3.      Isaiah Simmons, Linebacker, Arizona Cardinals

  Isaiah Simmons, Linebacker, Arizona Cardinals

The eighth pick of Cardinals got Simmons, the former Clemson linebacker who turned out into a star with his great feats during the NFL Scouting Combine. Simmons has a style that resembles Bobby Wagner and Feed Warner, and every feature of his makes him a true sideline-to-sideline backer. Safe play and coverage of the tight ends of the backfield are the interesting aspects of Isaiah. Huge expectations for the man are snowballing as the fans wait for this talented linebacker to become one of the greatest players at this position.

4.      Jerry Jeudy, Wide Receiver, Denver Broncos

Almost around the middle of the first round of the NFL Draft 2020, Jeudy had dropped to Denver. This man has a level of talent to become the No.1 receiver in the league as he is already established with a whole lot of pro techniques. Jeudy has been trained for the league and is primed for the rookie campaign, waiting for great feats to go down in history.

As a football player one has to learn a lot from understanding the game to having the physical fitness to help work on the skills for training. There are many football skills which will allow you to unlock your full potential and help you achieve success in the games. Here are some of the most important as well as cool skills for your training when you love football.

Ball Control

Ball control refers to the player’s ability to help collect the ball and gain the control which is required. A player with the good ball control will be able to receive passes which can allow one to stay out of the ground and out of the air. Ball control is also the move which will allow the player to maintain the possession of the ball, which can help you gain sharp control of the ball.

Dribbling skills

Dribbling skills

Dribbling skills refers to the player’s ability to move up and down the pitch, which can allow you to have good access to different speed with both the feet. This will allow you to manoeuvre the ball while being able to deal with the opponent. This is one of the best skill which can help you stand in the right position in football.

Passing accuracy

Passing accuracy refers to the player’s ability to use both the feet to get the designated idea to get the position one likes. This means that you can send the ball into the teammates’ feet with the right power and precision, which can have the proper weight, crossing the ball accurately in the front of the gaol. Shooting the ball accurately is one of the most powerful moves which can help you achieve success in football.

Body control

Body control refers to the player’s ability to move their body fluidity to optimise balance and coordination. The body control is something which is more than physical fitness and refers to the correctness of form. There are many long strides, correct running form and low centre of gravity which is a good indication of body control.

Spacial awareness

Spacial awareness

Spacial awareness is the player’s ability to see the space clearly across the entire pitch and utilise their advantage. The players need to be aware of the immediate space, which can allow one to secure their position of the ball. Intelligent players are always aware of their teammates, which can be according to the position of the other team. Understanding the geometry of the game can have wide angles which is easy as passing opportunities which can have an offence planned. Spatial awareness is a complicated skill which can encompass essential to achieve success in football which can allow you to have the right tactical knowledge to win.