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NFL is probably one of the most prestigious American Football league in the world which has some of the most talented players which have had an impact on history. There are many teams who are competing for the title of being the ultimate super bowl champions. There are several teams over the years who have dominated the super bowl championship. Here are some of the best teams with some of the most super bowl wins.

New England Patriots

The Patriots are probably one of the most successful NFL team which is in the 21st century. The dawn of the centuries has seen the team have the right growth, which can have the right feature as they have appeared in 11 super bowls since 2001. They have lost around five super bowls and with the ties them with the Denver Broncos and have featured in just 27 playoffs.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers is one which is one of the most likely to make the cut. This is one franchise which has seen some of the best successes in recent times. This team has over 8 super bowls and has won over 6. They, in general, come to a lot closer to winning and claiming the super bowl but failed always. They have appeared 31 times in payoffs the last one being in 2017.

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

This is one franchise which is probably one of the most famous and valued sports team which is said to have the value of $6 billion with the most impressive record for the NFL occasions. They also emerged victorious in over 5 occasions out of the eight they took. They are very impressive as they have appeared in 33 appearance, which is a record in 2018.

San Francisco 49ers

They are considered one of the major contenders for the NFL although they have had much disappointing season. They have over 6 super bowl wins and recently was seen losing to Kansas City Chiefs. They have appeared in 6 super bowls and most recently seen to have won 5 super bowls and featured in 20 occasions for a playoff.

Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos

This is a franchise we are looking to go back to their glory. One can easily trace its last best season to the 1990s. The Broncos are one of the most popular teams in NFL to have appeared in the highest numbers of super bowl events. They have featured in 8 super bowl wins and just won three. They are the joint record holders which is known for most super bowl losses. They are also known to have appeared in playoffs more than 22 times in the year 2015.

Football is a universal sport which goes beyond the division of age, gender and language. There are many reasons why football is one of the best sport in the world which allows one to get access to every individual. Here are some of the reasons football is one of the best sport in the world.

It’s a religion

Football is one sport which is played consistently all around the world. There are many Fifa surveys which were 265 million players which involve soccer around the world. It is roughly about 4% of the world population which is practised in almost all the countries. This means that one on almost 25 people is directly involved with football and can keep on increasing every single year growing by 2% and 3%.

Football is all your need


When it comes to the game itself, all you need is a football to start. The rules are also pretty simple if you are playing outside the professional football where all you have to do is to the goal without using your hands.

There no time or seasons

There no time or seasons in football which is bad all that is required is small and can get you started in the game anywhere at any time. All you need to do is to make sure that you are on time to watch the game.

It is a team sport

The Dutch introduced the idea of a football, and every single club and country has adopted this technique to help and play. Each one has a specific duty which can be played in each and every position which can allow you to move forward, help the play, free-kick and even score.

Size does not matter

This is one of the most common misconceptions which is built to play football. People strongly believe that it was not true. Size matters lesser, which has the agility and speed to help move the game to be complete with the base on touch, control and sheer technique.

The world comes together

Having a football world cup match can allow you to enjoy your day well. Missing a match means you will be missing on quite a lot. The FIFA World Cup is the world’s most widely viewed sports event which is watched by over 715 million people. The game is broadcasted in over 2014 countries and many different channels.

The margin of error

Even with the game is one of the most intricate game as a wrong move will lead you to lose. An inch too small or less can lead to you not making it to the net. One step too far is also something that people cannot catch.

NFL as a career is one of the most rewarding in terms of giving monetary benefits. There are many speculations about the NFL players salary earning. Their salary, in general, has to do with a lot of things. In this article, we are going to be talking about some of the highest-paid NFL players of all time.

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning

Payton Manning retired as the all-time leader in touchdowns which is 71,940 yards. The sheriff is one of the best as he is one of the highest-earning NFL players who have record earnings. Manning had an eighteen-year long career, and in that time he was able to bank eight-figure salary which is 14 times what he was told. He later maxed out to $35 million in 2004. He is a five-time MVP and also a league champion with both Indianapolis and Denver which can allow you to cleats after winning in super bowl 50.

Eli Manning

Eli Manning

Eli Manning was the brother of Peyton Manning and is one of the first to become an NFL player in the last season. He was offered $250 million, which is a benchmark for his career. He was the overall number one pick in the year 2004 and also signed a $54 million contract. He is also regarded to have the official crest with a quarter-billion mark in the returns from the year 2019 which is scheduled in 2019 for $17 million. He was the number one overall pick and has also signed $97.5 million worth of extension.

Drew Brees

Drew Brees

Drew Brees, in his entire career, was always battling to beat his own all-time records in yards and touchdowns. After his shoulder injury, he was set on jeopardy but later got the remarkable accomplishment from the New Orleans Saints star. The shoulder surgery led the chargers to roll with the rivers which sign the best quarterbacks in the franchise history. He is known to have propelled the Saints to their first super bowl win and has since tripled with $221 million in salary.

Tom Brady


Tom Brady is one of the most consistent performed who has a highly competitive roster. The Business Insider estimates that he has sacrificed around $60 million dollars to $100 million. He in this career has earned $20 million and with the longevity that the player has allowed him to touch $200 million marks while achieving the top five spots in his career, yards and touchdowns. He is also getting set for the 2000 NFL drafts which is pretty good 199 selection. Due to his consistency, he is always accepted below the market contracts to help the New England Patriots have a highly competitive roaster.

It is a dream for many to be playing at the NFL, but it takes hard work and disciplined life to be able to accomplish it. You will need not only a regular training program but also the sportsmanship that you can sell. You will have to start early from high school to get the right exposure. Once you successfully get into the college team, the next step will be to prepare for the NFL draft. Knowing what you need to do and how to get qualified in the draft will improve your chances to become a professional football player.

Qualifying for college football

Qualified Footballers

Once you complete your high school, your first challenge will be to get into the college football team. College coaches will pay more attention to you if you have played well in your high school team. You will also need to gain exposure at the university football camp. The coach will remember you if you get in their sight more often and can gel up with other players easily. Create your network in advance to make the first impression. You will also need to consider the colleges who have the best football coaches who can give you the exposure you need. Not only you need a coach that has connections but the one who can understand your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

Training in College

If you do not get selected for the main team, you can still practice as walk-ons. You will be a player that did not receive an offer in high school or any scholarships in sports. It will be your initiative to ask the coach to make you a walk-on and give you a shot. You will need to build a strong character as a walk-on as you will not receive any scholarships so you will need to spend time with your studies as well.

Create your training schedule and practice every day. If you are training on your own, no one will be watching over you except for your coach if he is at the ground. Plan a fitness schedule to keep your body in shape and push yourself to limits. Work on your movement mechanics. In the NFL draft, you will compete in a 40-yard dash so you should be able to make it with the well trained aerobic body meant for sprinting, kickboxing, and using the core strengths.

Entering the draft

Once you are in the team, you can focus on your college games until you are ready to take part in the draft. The candidates in NFL draft must have graduated high school at least three years before performing in the draft. Register when you are over the three years for Regional Starting Combines, where you will play against other college players. When you can clear the regionals, you will be invited to try the National Combine.


Only about 335 players are invited for National Combine every year. This will be your chance to measure yourself against the best with what you have learnt in past years. 40-yard dash, bench press, vertical leap are some of the drills that will test your endeavour. Once you clear it, you can finally make an entry for your dream NFL draft.

NFL betting is one of the most popular sports betting option among the online bettors. In fact, the craze of NFL betting is so much that the betting sites need to keep their lines very carefully, or they can have the risk of huge losses. Betting on the NFL is easy and also profitable, even for the newcomers who understand how the sports works. These NFL betting strategies will help you to make smart bets while learning a bit more about the deeper concepts of the bets.

Do not trust your team

We should not be discouraging you from putting your faith on your team, but when it comes to money, we highly suggest that you think with your brain. Everyone has their own personal biases, but in betting, we need to keep it all aside and make decisions based only on the realistic winning chances. Cheer all you want for your favourite team, but if the other team is actually stronger, your money should be placed on them.

Study the location of the game


Pay attention to the stadium where the game will be played. Home-field gives the home-team an advantage over the opponents due to the support of the crowd and familiar pitch. It is an important decisive factor that can calculate the outcome of the game. The travelling team can face difficulty in overcoming the change of field, which can give you an early advantage at your bets.

Know about individual matchups

Even though football is a teal sport, there are certain games where one-on-one matchups can make you more profits than the main game. A weak defence cannot perform well against an attack that is in form. Pay close attention to the major skills discrepancies between players to will be playing head-to-head in the game. Think as the team coach how a particular player of you would perform against his head-to-head opponent of the other team. It will give you a clue on whom to bet on.

Take caution with divisional matchups

When two teams play against each other twice in a season, they get to learn a lot about each other. Every team makes a counter plan for the strategy of another team who defeated them. While the victory of a stronger team is almost obvious in most of the matches, there will be times when the weaker team has come prepared. This allows betters to enjoy a better NFL point spread, but they can be risky, so you need to be careful.

Monitor the lines

Professional Footballers

Betting lines can change if too many bettors are favouring a single odd. Monitoring your betting lines will help in maximizing your chances of finding a safe and profitable bet. The more popular teams can have a huge number of loyal supporters who bet with their hearts. On the other side, you will be betting with your brain when you bet against them. Wait for the emotional bettors drive the odds to your favour but if you want to be on the same side, bet early before the pay lines go down.

Continuing with our look back at the 2007 Patriots this week gives us a closer glimpse of what is considered to be one of the greatest offensive seasons of all-time.

Going into this season the Patriots entered with a significant buzz after acquiring Randy Moss. Bill Belichick wanted to assure himself that Tom Brady didn’t play with a sub-par receiving core again. Belichick also acquired Wes Welker and Donte Stallworth to help fill out each receiver spot.

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Despite the acquisition of Moss, no one knew what shape Moss would arrive in. Or if he had the fire to compete anymore. Perhaps most importantly, no one knew if Moss could produce at a high-level anymore even if he was motivated. After all, Moss had just spent some time out in the “Black Hole” in Oakland where his effort and attitude were consistently questioned.

On the other side of the equation was Tom Brady. Brady had just come off a season where he threw 24 touchdowns and 12 interceptions but passed for just 3,529 yards (passing wasn’t as prevalent then for the Patriots). There were some minor questions if Tom Brady could lead a team offensively. For the record, no one claimed Tom Brady wasn’t a great quarterback, but rather he hadn’t had the core of receivers to show what level or stratosphere of greatness he could reach. That all changed in 2007.

Fast forward through the 2007 season and two questions were answered. Randy Moss definitely had enough left in the tank. He showed he had that second gear, leading him to 23 touchdowns in a single season. Coincidentally, Tom Brady showed that when surrounded by the great players, he can easily match their greatness and even raise them above that. Brady showed how strong his whole game really was. He was able to read when to dump it off to Welker in the slot. In addition, he knew when to take a chance deep with Moss, and occasionally with Stallworth.

Despite everyone remembering how great this season was for the Patriots few people remember just how dominant this offense really was. Brady and Moss set records with 50 touchdowns thrown and 23 caught. However, the Patriots also scored 589 points. At the time that set a record for most points in a season breaking the previous record held by the 1998 Minnesota Vikings who scored 33 points less at 556.

Furthermore, the Patriots 589 points scored was 134 points more than the next closest NFL team that season, the Dallas Cowboys. What makes that even crazier is you could take the next two best scoring offenses in the AFC East, the Jets and Dolphins, together and it would be 64 points less than the Patriots scored.

We may never see another season like that. At the epicenter of it all were arguably the two best players at their respective positions. Tom Brady and Randy Moss.

The lack of depth at wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens is apparent to just about anyone that is not part of that squad. Joe Flacco is not worried about the depth, as he stated in an interview.

Baltimore Ravens | Full Presser: Joe Flacco Doesn’t Think He Needs More WRs

— Joe Flacco (@JoeFlacco) April 19, 2017


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What if Flacco is right though?
On the surface, Steve Smith’s retirement and the free-agency departure of Kamar Aiken leaves much to be desired among the receiving corp.

The Ravens looked likely look to add at least one receiver in this year’s draft to supplement an aging Mike Wallace and an inexperienced Breshad Perriman. In fact, all three of the top receivers in this years draft; Mike Williams, John Ross, and Corey Davis, had been mocked to go to the Ravens in the first round.

There has even been considerable talk about the Ravens adding a free agent wide receiver.

None of that materialized however, perhaps proving Flacco right.

What has been overlooked in all this hullabaloo, is the Ravens incredible depth at tight end, with Dennis Pitta, Benjamin Watson, Crockett Gilmore, Maxx Williams and Nick Boyle.

The depth at tight end would allow the Ravens to bump out Pitta into the slot, almost his natural position. For his entire career, Pitta has been called “essentially a wide receiver”. This season is his chance to prove them right.

However, this move would come with some preliminary hurdles. In this scenario, the Ravens would use two tight ends, counting Pita, and another in a more conventional sense.

The regular tight end could be Benjamin Watson if he comes back to full health. It could be Crockett Gilmore who has been a productive tight end in the past, and could get reps if he is healthy. Lest we forget, Maxx Williams who hopes to prove correct the rule of three for tight ends who typically take three years to break out (see Greg Olsen, Travis Kelce, and Jordan Reed). It could even be Nick Boyle, despite his PED shenanigans. Clearly, the Ravens have options.

So maybe Flacco is right. Maybe the Ravens have their answer in Dennis Pitta.

— Patrick Backlas covers the Baltimore Ravens as a managing editor for cover32 Ravens. Connect and follow on Twitter @PatrickBacklas and @Cover32_bal

About a month into the 2017 NFL free agency market and there are few big names left to sign. Former Minnesota Vikings’ running back Adrian Peterson came to visit and workout for the Patriots but left without a contract offer. LeGarrette Blount is still available to return after 18 rushing touchdowns and over 1,000 yards on the ground failed to generate interest again on the open market.

While Blount could still return, the Patriots are still awash in salary cap space heading towards the NFL draft at the end of the month. The NFLPA has the Patriots with over $25,000,000 in cap space but that does not include Alan Branch’s contract (which is not official yet). Miguel Benzan at has the Patriots with just under $22 million in salary cap space.
New England needs to leave room for their seven NFL draft picks later this month but the Patriots have not done anything with the contract of Danny Amendola yet either. Amendola has a cap hit of almost $7.8 million and there is no way that a wide receiver who is fourth or fifth on the depth chart (Brandin Cooks, Julian Edelman, Chris Hogan and probably Malcolm Mitchell are ahead of Amendola) is going to make that kind of money. Just cutting Amendola frees up $6.5 million of cap space.

Another point brought up by Mike Reiss at was that the Patriots have only 66 players on the roster. With seven draft picks bringing them to 73 players, the Patriots could conceivably bring in up to 17 undrafted free agents to get the roster to 90 players heading into training camp. With an estimated $30 million in cap space once Amendola’s contract is resolved, the Patriots could have room for a few more free agents before or after the NFL draft.

At running back, if not Blount, the Patriots have kicked the tires on Peterson and could take a look at former Chiefs’ running back Jamaal Charles, former Seahawks’ running back Christine Michael, former Steelers’ running back DeAngelo Williams or former New York Giants’ running back and Dancing with the Stars’ contestant Rashad Jennings. None of these four have the pedigree of Peterson nor do any of them have the proven production of Blount.

A running back who would make sense in New England is former Jacksonville Jaguars’ running back and former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson. Robinson is an electric athlete who was linked to the Patriots prior to the 2013 NFL draft. Robinson got lost in the Jaguars’ offense last year but has decent size (five-foot-eleven and 199 pounds) and can run and catch the ball out of the backfield.

The Patriots need depth at defensive end despite the added Kony Ealy and free agent pickup Lawrence Guy having the ability to slip outside to pressure as well. Jared Odrick, who was released by Jacksonville, is an end/hybrid player who already visited Foxboro this offseason and could yet be signed to a deal.

Another name to watch is longtime Colt and former Atlanta Falcons’ pass rusher Dwight Freeney. The Patriots saw him up-close in Super Bowl 51 and until he ran out of gas in the fourth quarter, the old man provided a lot of pressure on Tom Brady. Former Texans, Bills, and Dolphins’ defensive end Mario Williams may be available cheap to provide depth at the position.

An intriguing name who has not seen much attention in free agency is former Colts’ pass rusher Erik Walden. His only visit was with Tennessee and he left without a contract. Walden had 11 sacks for the Colts last year and is more of a 3-4 outside linebacker than a 4-3 defensive end. He is 31 but he has been a consistent performer in Indianapolis.

Another name of note at the position is Devin Taylor. Taylor had seven sacks for the Detroit Lions in 2015 but had a down year last season. After sitting on the sidelines through the first month of free agency, Taylor could be had on a cheap incentive-laden deal. The former Gamecock defensive end had 15 sacks in four seasons in Detroit and has the length (six-foot-seven) and size (266 pounds) that New England favors in a defensive end.

Finally, despite the depth at wide receiver already, do not count out former Arizona Cardinals’ wide receiver Michael Floyd returning to push Malcolm Mitchell at outside receiver. Floyd would likely not sign until his home arrest is over near the start of training camp but the Patriots paid $1 million last year to give Floyd a one-month trial. That kind of investment means he may be on his way back to give the Patriots the deepest wide receiver group in the NFL in 2017.

Making a trade that will have massive aftershocks on the league for years to come, the Buffalo Bills have picked up on the old adage of, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” Announcing a shock press conference this morning, Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott announced that the Bills had in fact acquired Tom Brady in a trade with the rival New England Patriots.

While the terms of the trade were not disclosed, some have reported that the deal saw the Bills send all of their draft picks for the next four seasons to the Patriots as a part of the deal along with wide receiver Sammy Watkins, running back LeSean McCoy, the entire starting offensive line from last season as well as a handful of defensive starters which included Shaq Lawson and Ronald Darby.Given the hefty amount paid for Brady, the Bills must be expecting the quarterback to play well into his fifties. That said, the Bills have finally found a way to defeat Tom Brady, just add him to your own roster. Speaking during the press conference, Sean McDermott offered a very warm welcome to Brady in hope that the quarterback would not retire over joining his Bills squad.

“Today, April 1st, 2017, the Buffalo Bills have made a game-changing trade. We have officially acquired Tom Brady in a trade with the New England Patriots. While we know there have been recent rumors about his impending retirement, we here with the Bills organization do hope he reconsiders and joins us to help bring the Bills some Super Bowl glory.”

That said, McDermott did kind of have a moment during the press conference when he realized exactly what he had done. “Yes, we now have Tom Brady as a member of our roster. However, now that I’m thinking about it, he doesn’t have anyone to protect him, no star receiver or running back and our defense now looks to be as thin as a private high schools… oops.”

While it is unknown how Brady will handle this news, we here at cover32 are extremely overjoyed that the Bills have made this trade, on April 1st of all days. Now, allow me to soke in this news myself while I go take a look at the newly announced GTA 6, Dodge-Hemi powered Ferrari’s, and our newly arrived martian friends.

We will be reviewing the Saints roster as it currently stands leading to free agency and the draft. Last week we looked at the Tight End position. This week it’s the Offensive Line.
Going into the season, many Saints fans thought that the offensive line was going to be a disaster in 2016. And if you had told them that left tackle Terron Armstead would miss multiple games throughout the season, those fans would of guaranteed a disaster. It wasn’t. In fact the offensive line over preformed in every area turning out the 12th best offensive line in all of 2016 according to Pro Football Focus. Let’s take an in depth look.

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Terron Armstead-LT
It started in training camp. A lingering injury keeping him out most of camp. Armstead played sparingly in two preseason games and without the proper time off to get healthy, gutted through seven games and only 397 snaps for the Saints in 2016. From the outside looking in, the Saints offensive line rose up to the challenge without Armstead as a unit. That’s is a credit to the Saints. One of the main areas where Armstead was missed was in the screen passing game. Quite simply, a bread and butter type play that the Saints have had incredible success with in the past, was now non existent in Armstead’s absence. A healthy offseason should leave the Saints with a quality left tackle for 2017.
Zach Streif-RT
One of the core Saints from the initial fabulous Payton/Loomis 2006 draft. The last couple of years saw Strief’s play decline. He struggled against elite pass rushers. While fans where ready to find his replacement, Strief responded with his best season as a Saint. Pro Football focus lists him as the Saints best offensive lineman in 2016. He’ll be 34 when the 2017 season kicks off so a younger right tackle will still be on the needs list come draft time. Unless you move Peat to right tackle, which was a disaster on the right side last pre season.
Andrus Peat-LG/T
What a difference a year makes. The former 2015 first round pick looked like the sure fire bust of the 2015 draft. Nothing in the pre season stood out to change our minds on Peat either. Peat played left tackle in college but looked to be weak on the right side. Credit the Saints for keeping him on the left side although in the guard position in 2016. Although he did fill in admirably at left tackle when Armstead was out. I don’t see him becoming the eventual Strief replacement on the right side. Luckily the Saints have no other answers for left guard. Peat has essentially gone from 2015 bust to 2016 best Saints player in the draft.
Jahari Evans-RG-Free Agent
The Who Dat Nation had thought they’d seen the last of Evans after the 2015 season. His contract had ended, age was catching up to him. All the signs were there for the former pro-bowler to end his illustrious career. Someone forgot to tell Evans. He signed with the Seahawks and was cut after the preseason. Seattle’s cut had become the Saints need. Like Strief the Saints can’t rest on the history of Evans. A new right side of the line needs to be addressed in the draft. To think that you’ll get the same impressive results in 2017 out of two 34 year olds on the right side of your line would be a mistake by the Saints.
Max Unger-C

You can make a case that the Saints made out better then Seattle in the Jimmy Graham for Max Unger deal. Getting Unger has helped the Saints more then Graham has helped Seattle. Unger has been the center of it all on the line. He only gave up 12 Quarterback pressures in 2016. Building around Unger and with a healthy Armstead the Saints line should be better in 2017.
The Reserves

Tony Hills-LT–Free Agent
Second season with the Saints. Nothing spectacular stands out except is a good locker room presence. Hills 2016 will best be remembered in Week 4 at San Diego, where at halftime, Hills gave a passionate speech to motivate the team which was at risk of dropping to 0-4. Many players talked about Hills helping them turn around that game and the 2016 season.
Senio Kelemete-G
Seems to have overtaken Tim Lelito as the fringe starting guard/backup guard role. Received a solid amount of playing time at left guard with Armstead out and Peat moving to left tackle. He started nine games in 2016 and played in 15. Finding a guard is still a must with this team, however Kelemete has shown that he can fill in when needed and get the job done.
Tim Lelito-G–Free Agent
With Kelemete still under contract Lelito on paper to be the odd man out. He did start in seven games last season and played in all 16. The question becomes with Peat as it looks entrenched in the left guard spot, and Evans unsigned. Who on the roster is best for the right guard position. It could still be Lelito, but with Kelemete still around, watching the draft for a guard selection could be the writing on the wall for Lelito.
Landon Turner-G
During the 2016 draft, Saints fans were screaming for the Saints to select Landon Turner. They didn’t. Sensing what fans didn’t know, and what apparently the other 31 teams did know was that, Turner would go undrafted. It was there the Saints signed the undrafted Turner to a contract. Turner didn’t make much of an impact, only appearing in seven games. Should get more opportunities in 2017, especially if Lelito leaves.
John Fullington-LT
Fullington made the practice squad out of camp, and stayed there for the entire 2016 season. It remains to be seen what type of impact he’ll have on the Saints moving forward as 2017 will be his 4th year in the league.
Jack Allen-C
Like Turner, Allen was another undrafted player that got fans excited last April. He made the practice squad out of training camp and was brought up late season, however never played in a game. Another fringe player who adds depth to an offensive line looking to get better.
Next week: Defensive lineman