Dolphins continue to get no help from their coaching staff

The Miami Dolphins lose another disappointing game on Monday night football, what makes it worse is that the Dolphins should have won. They also should have won ATLEAST either the Bills or Ravens game. The Dolphins could easily be 6-3 if not 7-2.

Well, what’s the problem?

The offensive line? Even though the Dolphins line is garbage it isn’t the reason.

The Dolphins subpar tackling, especially from the line backing core? Nope, the Dolphins could overcome that.

Ryan Tannehill, fumbling the ball, missing a few throws, and only having one 3 touchdown game in his career? Ryan Tannehill is the farthest thing from the problem.

The coaching staff continues to let the football team down, this team has issues, but so does every team. A good coaching staff figures out how to hide those flaws.

Let’s start with tendencies, good or bad it is the coaching staff’s job to address these and make changes if needed.

The first issue happens before the players even hit the field, during the coin toss. The Dolphins tend to differ until the second half when they win the coin toss, so that must mean their defense takes the field ready to play right?

Three out of the five times the Dolphins started the game on defense they have allowed a touchdown, they also let the Colts get into field goal range, and luckily Vinatieri missed a field goal.

At least the Dolphins start off the second half with the ball, after making adjustments they should be able to move the ball right?

Nope, starting the second half Miami half Miami has had three 3 and outs, and a fumble. Against the Bucs was the first time they started the second half with a drive longer than three plays…. They still did not score….

So, why do the Dolphins continue to differ to the second half? I have no idea…

The next issue is the Dolphins snap count, I’m sure we are all well aware of the “GO” for pass but also “GO GO” for running plays. If allllllllllllll the fans know it is happening the opponent knows it, studied and knows exactly what to do in each situation. But now, the Dolphins have added another step to it, which now makes it obvious when the ball will be hiked. John Jerry slaps Mike Pouncey when it is time to hike the ball… You think the other team would catch on? Oh yes, the only thing worse than a bad offensive line is an offensive line that tells the defense when they are hiking the ball.

Well, you could go ahead and say “Tannehill is young” he needs to communicate with his line. Mike Glennon, not only a rookie quarterback but one who stepped in mid-season does NOTHING like that.

The Dolphins also tend to have a set group of plays going into each series, no matter what happens the play before the Dolphins continue to be stubborn and not change the play calling.

A perfect example came in the second quarter. The Dolphins got the ball the ball at the one yard line after some wonder special teams play by the Dolphins ( a story for another time). The first play the Dolphins try a quick fullback run with Charles Clay, it gets no yards. So then the Dolphins decide a stretch run with Daniel Thomas, who can’t break a tackle in the endzone and the Bucs get a safety.

I have no idea why the Dolphin’s team can’t try a three yard play, quick pass or something… I also have no idea why Daniel Thomas is playing, especially with a draft pick wasting away on the practice squad in Mike Gillislee.

Speaking of wasted draft picks… Dion Jordan, Miami’s 3rd overall pick….. 8 snaps…. I think that speaks for itself.

The most confusing coaching decision by far is the wide receiver route running. I’ve never seen a more quarterback unfriendly vanilla offense.

Brian Hartline and Mike Wallace only run about three routes, a streak, a slant or a ten yard comeback. These receivers are far more capable then that.

Rishard Matthews had a HUGE night. I’ve always liked Matthews and I like Brandon Gibson. But these two players are put in to places to succeed. The slot receiver tends to be the one crossing over the middle and most of the time, more creative routes.

Most of Matthews catches were on the run, across the middle and swing passes. Is it that hard to let Wallace or even Hartline run a few of these routes? These guys can catch balls and are great in space.

For some reason the coaching staff continues to be stubborn with how they use Brian Hartline and Mike Wallace. Yes, Wallace hasn’t played well and his attitude has sucked. But he’s a small fast guy who would FEED from the slot. If Rishard Matthews, a bigger wide receiver has a break out game from the slot, why not give your “Star” players that chance.

The Dolphins have the talent to not only win football games, but be a playoff team. But until the coaching staff puts them in a position to win, the Dolphins will lose to poor teams. From the looks of it, this coaching staff may be in their last year for the Dolphins, hopefully the next group knows that this team is very capable.