It is a dream for many to be playing at the NFL, but it takes hard work and disciplined life to be able to accomplish it. You will need not only a regular training program but also the sportsmanship that you can sell. You will have to start early from high school to get the right exposure. Once you successfully get into the college team, the next step will be to prepare for the NFL draft. Knowing what you need to do and how to get qualified in the draft will improve your chances to become a professional football player.

Qualifying for college football

Qualified Footballers

Once you complete your high school, your first challenge will be to get into the college football team. College coaches will pay more attention to you if you have played well in your high school team. You will also need to gain exposure at the university football camp. The coach will remember you if you get in their sight more often and can gel up with other players easily. Create your network in advance to make the first impression. You will also need to consider the colleges who have the best football coaches who can give you the exposure you need. Not only you need a coach that has connections but the one who can understand your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

Training in College

If you do not get selected for the main team, you can still practice as walk-ons. You will be a player that did not receive an offer in high school or any scholarships in sports. It will be your initiative to ask the coach to make you a walk-on and give you a shot. You will need to build a strong character as a walk-on as you will not receive any scholarships so you will need to spend time with your studies as well.

Create your training schedule and practice every day. If you are training on your own, no one will be watching over you except for your coach if he is at the ground. Plan a fitness schedule to keep your body in shape and push yourself to limits. Work on your movement mechanics. In the NFL draft, you will compete in a 40-yard dash so you should be able to make it with the well trained aerobic body meant for sprinting, kickboxing, and using the core strengths.

Entering the draft

Once you are in the team, you can focus on your college games until you are ready to take part in the draft. The candidates in NFL draft must have graduated high school at least three years before performing in the draft. Register when you are over the three years for Regional Starting Combines, where you will play against other college players. When you can clear the regionals, you will be invited to try the National Combine.


Only about 335 players are invited for National Combine every year. This will be your chance to measure yourself against the best with what you have learnt in past years. 40-yard dash, bench press, vertical leap are some of the drills that will test your endeavour. Once you clear it, you can finally make an entry for your dream NFL draft.

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